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Founded 2020-10-26
 Windows (2021-11-26)
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Quizee is a Trivia based party game that you can play locally with friends, or with your Twitch community! Play a variety of quiz/trivia modes to really get to know your friends and community, as well as see who has the brains of the group!


Quizee is a Trivia based party game that can be played locally with friends, or online with a Twitch community!

If you're a streamer on Twitch, then get your community involved! Link the game with your Twitch chat, and your community can type their answers to the questions to compete to see who is the smartest in your community!

If you want to play with your friends, hook up gamepads and play locally!

Choose from a variety of categories to be quizzed about each with their own question sets, as well as changing how much time you have to answer each question and the length of the quiz.

That not enough for you? A quiz creation tool is built-into the game, so you can create your very own quizzes! Steam Workshop support is planned for sharing Quizzes with the community!

Want to know your community or friends better? Play the 'Do You Know' mode, where everyone is asked a series of question of "either, or" questions, so you can get to know your community and friends. Streamers have to guess which answer the majority of their community gave!

Will you be the best Quizee?


Development started in August 2021 as an easy-going project after finishing 2 years of game development on my previous game.


  • Compete with up to 8 players locally
  • Connect the game to your Twitch chat and play along with your community
  • Create your own quizzes and questions in the quiz creator
  • Enjoy customizable quizzes with adjustable question timers, question sets and length



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Hobbyist game developer for many years, recently began making commercial games in 2020.

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